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the automatic blog

well...i see my other blog makes posts on all sorts of things. no imput by me needed. and this one too, sort of. not my intention, but the result of adding some things. just as well because i haven't really gotten up and running yet. combo of personal and techinical circumstances. still, it's weird to see posts from my blog(s) in my reader that i never made.

i didn't even set out to have two blogs, at least not right now. but i couldn't lkocate the one i created in the fall, not long before leaving oahu. i never did find it...until it came up in reader. at least, i think it's my blog. i have3 a memory of naming it "shiny life 2.0." and i think i misspelled shiney, too. i've had mucho stress for quite some time now, not the least of which is getting all my data and photos and physical possessions and friends (real ones)...uh, gone. in various ways. and all permanently.

one cell phone i had--my first smart phone, a gift in the aftermath of sinisa's su…

kira, my secondlife avi


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