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my favorite of the week

IMG_0209, originally uploaded by iquanyin. i love my iphone!


IMG_1409, originally uploaded by iquanyin. i'm so happy today. i was looking to get my photos from flickr sans pro account. and angel bought me pro and gave me the link for flickredit, which will back up all your flickr--photos, contacts, groups, etc---or just whatever you choose, onto your harddrive, where you specify.

this is really nice. i think it's an uploader and manager for flickr as well. i'll find out over the course of the week.

meanwhile, this is my favorite self-shot with iphone i've done. cropped, colored, and corners rounded in picnik.

i'm going to shift my main everything to posterous over the next few months. it links to about every service i use, i can post any kind of media right from the iphone--and fast!--just by putting it (or its link; posterous transcodes for you) into an email and sending it to (to autopost to all my services), or i can pick what service to post to by replacing "post" with "twitter" or what…

so rush has never seen a homeless family?