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side of our house

IMG_0717, originally uploaded by iquanyin. i'm enjoying the iphone photo apps a friend recently promo'd me with: toycamera, stripecam, dxp,quadcamera, monotaste, and color taste. oh, and a new one, color claw, that gives you a huge amount of control over pallette and exposure.

this one i took with toycamera and merged with dxp (double exposure) and then got the smooth corners i'm in love with right now at picnik.

Stairs Mash-up- iPhone Art by David Scott Leibowitz

Stairs Mash-up- iPhone Art by David Scott Leibowitz, originally uploaded by David Leibowitz. more amazing iphone art on flickr., this one by david scott leibowitz. i've just discovered the iphone art group, and my mind is blown by what these ppl are doing. i'll post up random examples from time to time. random because they're all so good i can't actually choose a "best." and for me, that's saying a lot.