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It's time again for the Untied Way


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i hate titles

so i kinda wish i'd bare my soul on blogger and find a friend. but then, i hope no one i already know ever reads my sporadic ramblings, as they're basically much like the journals i kept from age 14 till just last year: no focus, might be anything, written from boredom, emotional turbulence, lonliness, or as a way to try to understand something when other means failed. thirty four years of journals contained many things: detailed sketches (words or drawings) of people who struck me in some way; unfairness; my dramatic, sometimes tragic love life; plans for all kinds of things; schedules, poems, dharma verses, fears, arguments after (or before) the fact, things to remember, stream of csns stuff as a tool to peek into the psyche; predictions, instructions, inventions, poems; and literally thousands of dreams. i recorded readings people gave me; funny stuff they said, passages from books, recipies. anything, everything. many drawings too, doodles, good portraits, abstracts to s…

NYTimes has released the Wikileaks files.

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