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about this blog

sorry this blog currently sucks to a large degree. endless hardware issues, the fact that i'm still a noob when it comes to web 2.0, circumstance, and personal laziness all mash up into this ragged, semi-random site. mostly---when i'm not having to use hardware and/or an os that's new to me (or absent because i have no working hardware at all)---i'm experimenting with layout, gadgets, linking, reblogging, and so on.
in fact, i just tried reblogging yesterday. since i use twitter more than anything but igoogle, i assumed "reblog" was like "retweet," that it would be obvious that i was featuring someone else's work.

but no. huh. gonna have to tinker with that.

sometimes i'm pleased with what pops out of my explorations, sometimes i'm not but can't tweak it and so have to remove it. which i do at once, unless i have to get off the net for some reason. (gotta give back the loaner laptop, gotta share the front room dinosaur, my iphone…

AT&T uses Twitter during service outage

It seems that Twitter was one of the main ways that phone company AT&T has been communicating with customers and updating the public about the fiber cut that caused thousands of people in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area to go without broadband, phone, and wireless service for most of Thursday.

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Dream, originally uploaded by ozroadwarrior. lovely picture i found on flickr (via stumbleupon). instantly i think of my plans: to volunteer with couchsurfing and so travel the world. i've wanted to travel since forever (or so i believe; time will tell how much i really want to roam), and this year i finally "stumbled upon" a way to do so.

yes, i found the organization couchsurfing via stumbleupon, too.