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Tenants Claim Landlord Used Them In Experiments - Honolulu News Story - KITV Honolulu

KALIHI, Hawaii -- Dozens of Kalihi tenants who escaped the collapse of their make-shift apartment building Sunday night said the landlord subjected them to more than just unsafe living conditions.They said they were human guinea pigs for his medical experiments.The multi-story metal pipe scaffold that tumbled into Kalihi Stream Sunday night was on the verge of city foreclosure after Landlord Daniel Cunningham accumulated thousands in building fines. He protested as police blocked the entrance Sunday night."For what I've tried to do for these people it's very hurtful," Cunningham, said.On Monday, Cunningham's tenants collected their things and were resting at a Red Cross Shelter at Kalihi District Park. Many said Cunningham kept deposits and disputed complaints they documented with these pictures.A frustrated neighbor said the city should have condemned the property long ago."It's not right. The way it exists, it's not safe. It should be down. There …

mental_floss Blog » 10 Technologies We Stole From the Animal Kingdom

By David Goldenberg and Eric VancePeople have been lifting ideas from Mother Nature for decades. Velcro was inspired by the hooked barbs of thistle, and the first highway reflectors were made to mimic cat eyes. But today, the science of copying nature, a field known as biomimetics, is a billion-dollar industry. Here are some of our favorite technologies that came in from the wild.1. Sharkskin—The Latest Craze in CathetersHospitals are constantly worried about germs. No matter how often doctors and nurses wash their hands, they inadvertently spread bacteria and viruses from one patient to the next. In fact, as many as 100,000 Americans die each year from infections they pick up in hospitals. Sharks, however, have managed to stay squeaky clean for more than 100 million years. And now, thanks to them, infections may go the way of the dinosaur.Unlike other large marine creatures, sharks don’t collect slime, algae, or barnacles on their bodies. That phenomenon intrigued engineer Tony Brenn…

Hipparchia of Maroneia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LifeHipparchia was born c. 350 BC in Maroneia, Thrace.[1][2] Her family came to Athens, where Hipparchia's brother - Metrocles - became a pupil of the Cynic philosopher Crates of Thebes.[3] Hipparchia fell in love with Crates, and developed such a passion for him, that she told her parents that if they refused to allow her to marry him, she would kill herself. They begged Crates to dissuade her, and he stood before her, removed his clothes, and said, "Here is the bridegroom, and this is his property."[1] Hipparchia, however, was quite happy with this; she adopted the Cynic life assuming the same clothes that he wore, and appearing with him in public everywhere.[4] Crates called their marriage "dog-coupling" (cynogamy).[5] We are told that they lived in the stoas and porticoes of Athens,[6] and Apuleius and later Christian writers wrote lurid accounts of them having sex, publicly, in broad daylight.[7] Although this would have been consistent with Cynic shameles…

Library Grape: Obama's Speech to School Children Freaks Out Even Hitler

Reply as a Guest, or login:Login to IntenseDebateLogin to TwitterLogin to OpenIDGo back Tweet this commentConnected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Posting anonymously.Tweet this commentCancelSubmit Comment --> Subscribe to via hahahahah! best use of hitler...evah. Posted via web from iquanyin's posterous

Pure Genius: Genius Recommends An App That Frees Memory, Which Is Supposedly Not Allowed | Just Another iPhone Blog


Facebook | Jonathan Ligon's Photos - Morons Holding Signs

Check out this website I found at this is hilarious! best album on facebook, and starting to go viral. Posted via web from iquanyin's posterous

slowly, slowly

well, i'm working on this blog little by little. mainly by adding photo widgets from anywhere i can, and trying to write posts a bit more often, and adding in some widgets that--so they claim--will do something good somewhere. i'll add more if i can find some that look ok enough to not trigger my obsessive libra-rising art critic. it's frivolous, but i just don't want to have crappy looking widgets on here. and i have to actually support the cause. i guess my widget standards are identical to my possession standards: beautiful *and* useful (tho the widgets...well, i stretched the beauty definition a bit).

as for content, it's mainly sent from things i read so far. i'm still unsure what i want to write on this blog. not that i can't think of stuff to write about. far from it. i'm just unsure what i should put on the internet, as my personal life has been eventful, to say the least, and all but one person who figures in it is still living. as far as i kno…
Mr. President, When Do We Stop

Running away from who we are?

When do you stop feeding your friends and our values to a pack of mad dogs whose hunger for hate will never be satiated?

What is most affecting for me about this little scene from the "West Wing" is Toby's sense of exhaustion. It isn't merely that the Right gets every one of its "facts" wrong; it is the enervating sense that this is a conversation which everyone has already had hundreds of times.

It resonates so strongly because every Liberal I know has sat where Toby is sitting and knows that no matter how many hundreds of times you correct them, point out their ideology's faults and failures and their leaders' factual mistakes, outright lies and moral hypocrisies -- some small, some large and some genuinely Apocalyptic -- there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that they will ever change their minds or their behavior, or even conceded that your opinion, while different from theirs, might…

i'm vanishing

odd start to a sunday morning.

first, i fire up the mac. there's a big question mark in the dock in place of the eventbox icon. i downloaded eventbos last nite, spent some time setting it up and enjoying it (nice app). anyway, now it's icon is gone and the app itself is not in finder anymore. spotlight can't find it either. i shrug and move on to facebook...

...where i can't enter a photo contest because its group--which i joined last week--won't show up in my groups list, nor does it show me as a member, even tho my only option on its page is to "unjoin." the photo itself (on facebook) only lets me post to my wall. the option to send it to a person or group is gone. oh, and i can't find the group at all using search in the iphone fb app. nor send the group anything, since it's not there, according to the app

huh. well. so i go surfing and decide to join a site. it takes two browsers and several tries, but stubborness finally wins. once joined, …