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Bing Cashback Can Cost You Money

Bing Cashback Can Cost You Money: "paltemalte writes "Microsoft and various retailers have teamed up to bring you cashback on purchases made via Bings price comparison feature. There is a little snag though — it seems that when you have a Bing cookie living in your browser, some retailers will quote you a higher price than if you come with no Bing cookie in your system."Read more of this story at Slashdot."

Artists' lawsuit: major record labels are the real pirates

You need to login before you can comment. Login to your account here. Once you're set up, just refresh this page.Having issues staying logged in?You might have an old, bad version of our cookies. Try clearing cookies for the following domains, and then login at the link above:, episteme.arstechnica, and logged out a lot and it's really annoying?Could you please take 30 seconds and fill out this form to let us know a little more information about the problem you've been having? via lol, i was just thinking today, "it's the music companies who are pirates" -- and turns out, it's *literally* true. i'm not a bit surprised. yet again: this has to stop, all their shennanigans. Posted via web from iquanyin's posterous