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'I Stopped Denying People': Ex-Bank Of America CSR Tells All - The Consumerist

look myself in the mirror every day and justify not helping someone when I had the power to do it.via awesome. Posted via web from iquanyin's posterous

"Cabo Liberte" Bridget Brigitte - soft pop rock girl - iPhone music videos

"Cabo Liberte" Bridget Brigitte - soft pop rock girl - iPhone music videos, originally uploaded by RELAXING SOFT ROCK MUSIC SAN DIEGO. she says "iphone music video." on flickr. so...i'm galvanized. what, exactly, does that mean? lovely singer too.


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ashland halloween

here's one from the kodak. i don't know how to use it much, but it's my first camera (other than iphone) so i'm playing around with it.


vellum.jpg, originally uploaded by iquanyin. i don't recall how i did this...or i'd do it again.

I've been thinking about thinking. I've been thinking about having opinions,...

We like to think of ourselves as rational, but most of what we know we know because someone told us it was so. I did not "think" that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two other sides. I actually don't care what the square of the hypotenuse is. But I proved it to myself using tools that someone else gave me. They could even have been lying about the tools. But I doubt it. They seemed like nice people. "They seemed like nice people" is a methodology of thought, one we use a lot. It's not that bad a mental shortcut; you gotta trust somebody in a crowded world. It helps when the people who tell you things are not asking for money. It always helps to ask "Cui bono?" before taking a new opinion on board. Have you noticed how much American advertising is devoted to disguising the answer to the "cui bono" question? We want to save the Earth. We take forests seriously. We care about you. We're doing our d…

Entering the tower…


Show it to me one more time…


“Junction Produce” of VIPCAR