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its always something

i wonder sometimes: should i have majored in philosophy? things often seem synbolic, i sense or wonder about what things are, why they're here or not here, what they "mean" (to me, to everyone), what is the meaning of words we all assume we know but likely dont (respect, dignity, and love to name three. rly. can you clearly say what these are? and know what you mean? try it...)

being poor is driving me nutz and im complaining internally and (when im not vigilant) externally too. i dont like giving all my money for a bed. i definitely dont like being yelled at, threatened with eviction, and called a bad person (in several ways) because ... i forgot a nonworking a key in a lock. more, its beem two years since ive had to remember a key.

"why? why did you do it?" i was asked like six times, in the meanhot laser manner of a prosecutor) "you changed!" was was also flung about once or twice. (um, no, im like i was two days ago) and twice the "now your…


buddhasattva, a photo by iquanyin moon on Flickr.