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is gmail broken?

lately gmail's been messing with my mail. and not just mine. there's a thread (two threads, actually) in google's help pages. there's, who's linked to the article i just posted. there's the university, the subject of the article. and there's the frist person i mentioned it to--my son, a software dev.

"yeah, you should back up your mail with another mail service," is erin's advice. for me, two problems: first, gmail keeps replacing mail i've deleted. over and over again, same messagez in the trash. on my phone, on the pc. i've reconfigured a couple of times just in case--even though my settings were exactly the same as i've had them for a year.

recently i looked in my trash--just emptied the day before (twice!) and found nearly a hundred messages. some from as far back as march, some....that i had put into other folders.

huh? it was the zombie mail (as i call the mail that won't die) issue that triggered my discovery …

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