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why did i have to get born on this goddamn planet? well?

this started as a brief comment on facebook. someone posted a link about drug cartels lobbying to --- surprise! --- keep pot illegal. but of course such things can easily make my sentence turn into a novella because im just really, really peeved these days. about all sorts of things but mostly those things boil down to being heartily sick of struggling just to eat decently and use my creativity, or hell, even to just sit down in fort street mall to listen to the musicians playing (yep; a security guard had a problem with that. reason was useless. so i just told him how absurd he was being and defied his order to stand not sit. he tried to get me arrested but no cops ever came. many many many of these asinine things have, over time, irritated me to crankhook. i cant contain it: sometimes i just have to share it that hey, bozos, its not your bosses personal planet and they dont really own anything, its mine and yours as much as theirs. the implications for the guard, being a minion for …