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Exclusive Look: Where The Workers Who Made Your iPhone Sleep At Night

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hours later

indeed, it was baron. and everything went just as i hoped. the scene is nice there right now. peaceful, lovely, apparently thief and cop free, some tents, a lot of fishing. baron has a really nice little tent. small but not cluttered, comfortable and homey. its so nice right now i feel like spending a week or so. maybe a few days in a borrowed tent? i'd get a lot of good photos, enjoy the ocean, and starbucks is an easy walk. perhaps sat-sun-mon, then home.

man, its truly hard tying on this. i should get an apple keyboard and just get over myself and write a bit now and then.

yesterday everything went just like i thought (except janet was grumpier and i wasn't sure if she didn't get paid or just lied to avoid sharing. she's lost my trust because of a clear lie, based on her inability to hang onto money for more than five mins. and yo isn't quite so sterling in my eyes either. i need to get my cash back to buy smokes! had i not loaned him $20 i'd have it. he rep…

more, dammit

breaks off midword and jumps into another paragraph. i don't notice because i don't touchtype on ipadkeyboard, tho i maintain its possible. i thumb type. poorly. and rarely look up.

and then, sometimes i hit a button and post or delete or insert invalid html. so it's a frustrating, incomplete mess that looks like a lunatics writing. add in my crusade for "mobile english" -- no caps or apostrophesbecause you haveto click tocallthem up -- argh. but no way i'll do pgysical journals again. if i had them now, all since 14, i'd have 36 yrars of poems sketches puzzles complaints rages insights occasional luminous passages patterns dreams reading snippets of dharma fears experime ts and so on. i estimate around 300 or more filled journals. wherewould i put them?

tho i planned to do something with the ones from sinisa to sin's death and the aftermath. i wanted to type up thetouching, deep, insaneonehegaveme. theone where he warned me andi never saw. i reread…

day out

a day of surprises, activity, events i somehow knew ould happen, annoyance, some impatient hanging about, offers, propositions, evasions, detours, and treats. for me, typical. maybey this iswhy istayinsomuch. idon't really know why, other than i can. and i have no key and an erratic timesense. i'm down by the harbor. fisherman, ocean, quiet. that feel of ocean softnessand inclination to trust those who stay, in boats on ridges in groups at the little tables -- i trust that they'll mind their business, mostly. because they're peaceful. if they fish, they also have poles to mind. i feel slightly strange -- only haole, alone, a stranger. but i walk likei know where i'mgoing and no one says anything.

i was hoping to find baron, and i'm in the right place, but maybe hes sleeping or running around or doesnt sat here anymore. no way to know, and i cant check the boat because people are around. i think baron just slips in, and out early. he says its his brothers boat …

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