hours later

indeed, it was baron. and everything went just as i hoped. the scene is nice there right now. peaceful, lovely, apparently thief and cop free, some tents, a lot of fishing. baron has a really nice little tent. small but not cluttered, comfortable and homey. its so nice right now i feel like spending a week or so. maybe a few days in a borrowed tent? i'd get a lot of good photos, enjoy the ocean, and starbucks is an easy walk. perhaps sat-sun-mon, then home.

man, its truly hard tying on this. i should get an apple keyboard and just get over myself and write a bit now and then.

yesterday everything went just like i thought (except janet was grumpier and i wasn't sure if she didn't get paid or just lied to avoid sharing. she's lost my trust because of a clear lie, based on her inability to hang onto money for more than five mins. and yo isn't quite so sterling in my eyes either. i need to get my cash back to buy smokes! had i not loaned him $20 i'd have it. he repaid generously, just not in cash. hey, that's not what i said, dude. i said i inexplicably ran short and need to last 3 more days. so you...tossed me three cigs and hopped a bus? not cool.)

on the upside, i mostly had fun, and walking out of the harbor i shot boats and striking trees and ocean till i ran out of battery, and met a fisherman and a boat builder, bot friendly and one interested in ipad. i love talking ipad.

i really want to trade the pad straight up for iphone 4 and just bite the no more unlimited att bullet in exchange for the undoubtedly better upcoming new ipad. i need to decide soon, because once the new one's out, it will be harder to do the trade. maybe. at least with techies.

if i do, do i wipe ipad clean first? i guess. maybe i should just sell to the fisherman guy for $450, add $150 and but iphone 4. cant use it till either jailbreak or i have phone service, likely the first. then save for ipad -- $650? and buy when second model comes out. wait even longer and buy a refurb. wait really long and buy an air netbook in september, then ipad near christmas -- possibly quite cheap, as ipad three might be imminent.

baron: handsome but not especially photogenic. medium. will take time to get really good stuff. harry: camera loves him. blaze: ditto, and a classic italian mug and willing to be goofy.

my new cap acquaintence: if history holds, he will give me the key to actually making an art biz, or at least some intros that end up with me getting paid.

super best case: leads, biz, visiting options, willing models and good scenery, a chunk o vegas win, then tools. then do the europe thing, small then big if it's good. then....move on or back to wandering, or on to portraits and maybe street music on ipad. phone, art, clothes, places to hop around to, good gear, a lot of freedom, many more shots.

i think mc will prove a fun, helpful, sympatic friend. i think b will be easy, smart, restful, just basically good.

g maybe the mentor i need,or just a nice friend to have. maybe i'll cometo live at the harbor /in a boat/. that is perfection, esp if it's not my boat but owner never comes around. buteven a tent is fine, just time limited i figure. but...if the miracle of no one doing something stupid happens maybe no complaints will arise and everyone can just keep fishing safely and peacefully. i'm pretty sure boat dwellers are fairly tolerant, given their own situation. maybe i'll learn a few things about boats. maybe someone will pay me to watch their boat. maybe boat folk will like my work and hire me to do their boats in vivid glory.

man, its unhatched chicken counting time!

and i'm a meager 17% charged, and left my cup, dammit. will they refue my free refill? hmmm. looks like another cpl hrs here, then chinatown to get my card, then home. or maybe the photo thingie at apple store? if i had my own, i'd be working on harbor photos right now.

i talktoo much, dazzle then overwhelm, at first. if they can keep riding the wave of words, it calms down and so far, it always turns to admiration and strong friends. it ends, but afaik never because they liked me less.

god, think of evil history roomie from years back, who married that dancer and freaked the hell out of her. i'd have advised her but rudy said no, as i was exhausted. never saw her again. never have felt good about that. did she jump into the sea? flee the island? become an addict? swear off men? start hooking with a vengeance? attack him in some way?

i wish we had talked. rudy was right tho, i was a zombie. but hey, i can still talk! maybe i'll be the first talking dead person.


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