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IMG_3243, originally uploaded by iquanyin. getting a bit better at stealth shots


photo, originally uploaded by iquanyin. late afternoon, ashland, oregon

halloween in ashland


seal: kiss from a rose

intergeneration living

blog commenter, with whom i agree completely:

A False American IdealI don’t understand why people get so upset about the prospect of helping older children. Wages are low, and have failed to adequately increase relative to the cost of living. Families have real difficulty surviving on one wage. Health care costs are astronomical. A serious illness can easily bankrupt a family.The value of a bachelor’s degree, that sacred parchment necessary to get any reasonable job, is progressively decreasing, at the same time that the costs of an college education are skyrocketing. Today’s middle-aged children simply have more demands upon their lowered wages and live with more uncertainty in employment and health care. Intergenerational cohabitation is good for families. Furthermore, the idea that children should leave the nest at age 18 never to return and to forever remain financially independent has always been an uniquely American ideal, and one that is completely discordant with the entire hi…

Checklist of Neurotypical Privilege: New Draft

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Early Glenn Beck Footage Located

DIY Musical Maven Cannot Stop Creating Instruments « Wonderment Blog

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