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wow, just realized i could enable more settings on the dxp app. now i can get more subtle, as i prefer. also creating a posterous account, hopefully i won't be double posting. but if so, i'll hear about it on twitter, i'm sure.



the amazing blog "moneyless moab"

for years now i've pondered someone i read about who had lived for years money free. i admired it then, i admire it now. the man who writes the blog "moneyless moab" (zerocurrency.blogspot.com) has my admiration as well.

the blog is getting some notice, and i love the writer's honesty as he wonders whether this will turn him from his path of living like the bees and so on, as mentioned in the bible and i'm sure many other places.

i love how he notes that money is not a thing, it's a percption, a belief, pointing out that the first definition for "credit" is belief (as in, do you credit his story?)

the money free way, he points out, isn't about being independent but about remembering one's dependence, on the universe. he's the only one so far i've read to note that artist and inventors often give their works freely. these works are then co-opted and sold, and those who do the buying and selling call the artists and inventors freeloaders (unless they happen to also be righ).

something i've known since i was about 17, the blog puts pithily: "to own is to owe." my thoughts about this go back to at least my teenage years, and reading henry george in college was revlutionary for me (and earned me the only non-A i ever got for an essay, because the economics prof didn't like henry george. and he told me that straight out. for once, i let that kind of thing go. and don't regret it).

i've noticed in my life a definite trend toward "getting what i wish for" on many levels, sometimes with startling swiftness and amazingly detailed accuracy. for awhile now, the thought has kept recurring that my wish--and it was a conscious wish, which has arisen many times in me--to be free of possessions weighing me down and sucking up my time, to let go attachments so i can let go of being others' slave--has been granted...to a large degree, but certainly not fully.

cigarettes are the bane of my life, because i'm quite the slave to tobacco. and i own two things that of course own me: my iphone and my mac. but hey, i'm impatient and these items are tools and also very complex in how they intwine with my life. it's only my perennial impatience and general headstrong nature that's the issue.

"when you own, you owe. in fact, they're really the same word," says the moneyless moab blogger. and he has a lot more to say. he's a good writer, and a constant traveler. he posts photos of the places he goes too.

i too am money free. my wish now is to get far, far better at it and become at ease...