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downtown eugene

photo, originally uploaded by iquanyin.

a biker town, for sure.



photo, originally uploaded by iquanyin.

with a newly departed iphone (ah, RIP beloved thing of magic!), i now have to learn to use a camera.


Iquanyin's photos from gupta singh on Vimeo.


jason calcanis: douchebag

the linked article (via digital inspiration) lays it all out.

Mahalo sold $250k+ in Amazon product in 2009 without trying. Any ideas to grow this 10x? @answers M$25

calcanis get his money by being a douche. not only scraping content, but making the links "no follow" and using his increasing page rank agains the creators of the content he scapes. oh, and remember mahalo's yada yada about human-powered search engines?

he's using robots.

I think I’m starting to get off on the blotter


ashland travel shop window

photo, originally uploaded by iquanyin.

from summer


my son erin

IMG_3996, originally uploaded by iquanyin.

shot with a borrowed canon powershot (borrowed for 5 minutes).

Link to This Morning

now you can *hear* the sleeptalking man.

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