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free service...

This time from a network engineer in Florida:Thank you for everything that you have done and that you are still doing. I have been fighting with AT&T for three weeks now. I have several current tickets with AT&T engineers and have been promised 3g service now on 5 different dates. Every time I call and complain about crappy service (no phone service, no data service, I can’t do two things at once, etc) they keep telling me that I am in a great coverage area and that I have no problems. After running test on my phone and sending them screen shoots of my phone they finally understand. Their service sucks. They keep telling me that Destin, FL has 3g service per their coverage map. I finally told them they are full of shit and the CSR laughed and finally said that I was right. She even told me that service sucks so bad in Atlanta that she has T-Mobile service.The dates that they promise me every time come and go. Nov. 16th, Dec. 1st, Dec. 31st, Jan. 1st and now Jan. 13th. I told …

at the 5th st market

, originally uploaded by iquanyin. i really like this one.

A Modest Proposal To Combat Overcriminalization: Imprison Lawmakers

3 comments: William Doriss said... This is brilliant. I have had similar thoughts, but could not formulate them nearly as well. You have just performed an excellent public service, and this should set the tone for the new year in the 'political' arena, not only statewide but nationally. Thanx. January 3, 2010 8:52 AM Norm Pattis said... Bill:Thanks for the kind word. Actually, something you said in a recent post inspired this. So I owe you yet another thanks ...N January 3, 2010 9:13 AM monstrance228 said... Happy Healthy New Year Norm. Yes, it would be interesting to see what, if any, the experience of 'imprisoning' some of our 'lawmakers' might have. I also wonder how they would handle (and I'm sure some must have) the life destruction, isolation and terror of being the parent/loved-one of the 'convicted.' I read your Blogs everyday as a means of knowing that there is 'someone' out there who identifies and can put int…

eugene, oregon

photo, originally uploaded by iquanyin. this is one of the ones that was in myeugene (local blog) the other day. good blog, run by a good woman. i took this with iphone, on my first venture outside since coming to my son's here.

Anger and the American Rule

2 comments: William Doriss said... Too many lawyers, not enough honest ones. Too many judges, not enough competent or courageous ones. See essay on Judge DumKopf below.The legal profession, as I see it, is all about dividing-up the pie, while reserving the largest share for itself and members of the 'bar'. It is a totally nonproductive enterprise. In what other profession can you get paid for making mistakes, not doing your job and/or performing badly?If I am an average trades-person--pick any other occupation--say, and I perform badly, I get fired or laid-off. If I am a private contractor or merchant, I may not get paid for my labor or paid for my merchandise. That is the real reason why all attorneys want to get paid upfront. That is the first thing they teach you in 'law' school. Because, I know full-well that if I lose or fail somehow to satisfy my client, I may not get paid. It is a totally dishonest profession from the getgo, a profession full of sound…



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YouTube is apparently worried that it's not successful enough. Even though...

Hunter Walk, the director of product management for the company, told the New York Times: "Our average user spends 15 minutes a day on the site. They spend five hours in front of the television. People say, 'YouTube is so big,' but I really see that we have a ways to go." Yes, friends, that thing you call a life is still not media-heavy enough yet. You're consuming professionally produced video programming (including news, sporting events, reality shows, dramas, comedies and oh so many advertisements), but you will soon consume an equal number of indescribably weird videos produced by almost everyone - if Hunter Walk has anything to say about it. And maybe that's a good thing. Nobody ever killed anybody while watching a video. (Well, probably that's not true, but it's a very rare occurrence.) If all the managers at Lehman Bros. and Citigroup had been watching cats flushing toilets and restaurant workers falling down holes, there never would have been …