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writing helps

focus thoughts. dispel circling worries and forebodings. blow the tangents away. reveal something simple, to fix or endure or embrace. ok: my fate right now is largely in the hands of others. one is drowning in karma and will likely sink dramatically. my tenuous existence will be upended, plus i'll be sad as sad can ever be because i feel for the person. i'll be sad, scrambling, and as most of these past few years, determined, lonely, and lacking a clear path to putting some fate back into my own hands.

ok. so when i left, this seemed clear: in hawaii, my best times come when i drop my plans and just do things that seem fun or helpful when they arise, without trying to keep them, and accepting losses, feeling the freedom of having little (what you have owns you), and rest as easy as i can.

its hard because its not my preference. all that capricorn in my makeup wants plans, aims, accomplishments, control, means, and tools. i should remember: so what? its karmic habit, not the g…

Study: More Privilege Means Less Empathy

Study: More Privilege Means Less Empathy: "If you're a member of America's anxious middle class, you can feel downtrodden one minute and privileged the next, just watching the news. Here's some super-rich guy planning his run for President, way above you on the social ladder. Next, a story about destitute refugees, which reminds you that you ...

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