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Iphone Painting Amanda Was Mildly Amused

Iphone Painting Amanda Was Mildly Amused, originally uploaded by Flick Chick2. i just discovered "art on the iphone" on flickr. some great art there! this one caught my eye but i they're all great.

wtf, youtube?

so i've grown used to the music i love getting yanked. but i finally decide to fill out my channel profile anyway. it has a field about jobs you've done. it's jobs, plural. i list about 15. and i can't save it because i've put something "invalid in the occupation field."

wtf, youtube?

and that's the message. doesn't say what was invalid, so i couldn't fix it if i wanted to. i decide to ask about it in the forums. many clicks bring me to: forum guidelines. nowhere do i see how to post! even typing in "how do i post in youtube forums?" gets me nowhere (and yes, i was signed in).

seriously, google: WTF?


Lena, originally uploaded by Aneta Kowalczyk. this! this is how i want my hair! (from flickr, aneta kowalczyk's--and goddamn flickr keeps setting my safe level too low. i'd have never seen these but for an accident. yahoo: no customer service, eternal and ridiculous customer policing.)

no more rain

no more rain, originally uploaded by alǝx. something about this really strikes me. grabbed it off flickr's interesting thingy. it's in italy.

रेपात posts

hmmmm. still getting the hang of flock, pixelpipe, and a zillion other things (including the mac). meaning some double and triple posts (of my photos), posts that weret intended to be posts, and posts that were intentional but didn't come out quite like i thought they would (like testing "blog this" in flock by reblogging the app-lesauce ebuddy post; i didn't realize it would be just a link and that's it).

maybe i'll start having a somewhat viable blog by the end of summer. if the 106 degree heat doesn't kill me first.

sheesh. weather was a big part of why i moved to oahu. and i intend to return. (ashland is a lovely place in many ways, expecially for sportsmen and shakespearean actors).

App-lesauce: eBuddy

App-lesauce: eBuddy

app-lesauce blog has it right: ebuddy's great. on iphone or anywhere.
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