is gmail broken?

lately gmail's been messing with my mail. and not just mine. there's a thread (two threads, actually) in google's help pages. there's, who's linked to the article i just posted. there's the university, the subject of the article. and there's the frist person i mentioned it to--my son, a software dev.

"yeah, you should back up your mail with another mail service," is erin's advice. for me, two problems: first, gmail keeps replacing mail i've deleted. over and over again, same messagez in the trash. on my phone, on the pc. i've reconfigured a couple of times just in case--even though my settings were exactly the same as i've had them for a year.

recently i looked in my trash--just emptied the day before (twice!) and found nearly a hundred messages. some from as far back as march, some....that i had put into other folders.

huh? it was the zombie mail (as i call the mail that won't die) issue that triggered my discovery of the second, far more serious, issue: gmail is trashing my mail! so i googled it, of course ;D

lo and behold, it's not unheard of at all. both issues are open threads at google. doesn't google read these? ever? neither problem is listed under "known issues," tho my very quick search and own experience suggest this stuff began--or began to be noticed--several months ago.

so what's up with google? i'd think that not deleting messages in peoples mailboxes would be a core priority, right up there with serving up links when you type something in the search bar and hit return.

i don't know if manchester university's problem is fixed. the article ended with "we'll just have to wait for [google] to get back to us." and me, i just woke up, read the link, and now i'm on my first coffee (and on my iphone, pecking this out with one finger).

i've had a zoho mail account since last spring. i'm going to do as on person in the google forum is doing: set it up for gmail to back up to zoho automatically. better would be the reverse, as zoho's been reliable so far. i'll look into it.

heads up, folks! check your trash before you empty it. and google: hey, psst, can we talk?


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