Natapoff: Shedding Light On Snitches


Henry Berry said...

I can attest to the reality of what Pattis discusses and raises alarms about in this posting. In my case, Fairfield County State's Attorney's tried to fabricate a case out of thin air starting with lies by some unknown informant to obtain an illegal wiretap on my Black Rock, Bridgeport, apartment. This wiretap was followed by several entrapment attempts; which were in turn followed by witness intimidation including threats of physical injury when I started to expose the criminal scam as a citizen investigative journalist. What I had done to incur the state's attorney's ire was file a criminal complaint substantiated by incontrovertible evidence regarding the theft of thousands of dollars of medical films of mine meant for an operation on my neck left with a prominent Bridgeport law firm. The abuse of informants and the crimes of law-enforcement officials goes beyond even what is outlined in this post.

The former Fairfield County State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict was ruled in default by a judge in a civil trial I undertook for invasion of privacy and other claims at the Bridgeport Superior County. Benedict ignored the judge's order to let me see the documents regarding the wiretap I had asked for in discovery. So I never was able to find out who the informant was or who had given false information on me which, had I made any innocent misstep, would have resulted in an arrest and jail term for me presumably on drugs charges. And I've never had anything to do with illegal drugs, and very little ever to do with legal drugs for that matter. But with an informant, the state's attorneys were able to put into motion many individuals and considerable resources to attempt to arrest and defame an individual they knew was innocent of any crime.

I have written a book covering much of this story; and I have a standing offer to any lawyer, accused individual, or anyone else interested in an affidavit, deposition, or court testimony on my experiences and what I have uncovered in my reflections on my experiences and my investigations.

January 10, 2010 9:44 AM

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