boats, night, story

so i was exhausted and heading somewhere to sleep. i stopped and smoked on the ledge. a boy/man with a bike asked for one. i said my nicotine addiction precluded sharing.

he sat. talked a bit about the recent end, or maybe just gap, in his long, happy marriage. hard times, well paying construction stalled, a wife who doesn't like broke (taurus, turns out).

it didn't take long till i wondered things about him (all correct, turns out). not much longer till we were heading to his sleeping place, not far and very nice...a historic, romantic looking boat. japanese fishing boat, he said, once in the royal museum but now here in the narbor, paint peeling all sorts of colors, fat moulding ropes on the deck above the bow.

one light, some pillows, a basic but adequate sleeping mat, not quite a mattress but not thin either.

since he was a fellow aquarian, with looks and charmand the brains to express interest in my exhausted ramblings, i looked at his chart: cancer moon (opposite my venus-mars-saturn), aquri sun, sagg rising, pluto-jupiter in the tenth...

most of the nite he presented things as over and done with. his moon told me he lied. of course he tried for quite awhile to get some action, but i stuck to no, and eventually i edged it with irritation. and miracle! he suddenly dropped it, and then we sat, walked, sat, and so on.

he dropped the nonchalance suddenly, said he was upset...i learned he's a curious guy: calm, very handsome and charming, a smoker with a dealer-businessman father, and -- surprise -- a devput and somewhat rainwashed mormon. that last bit? total surprise. one, it came from nowhere. two, he never once tried to "save" me. his confusion became more clear. his manner remained thoughtful, quiet, alert to just the right degree , and as i'd expect of water moon and strong venus in the first, charming and quietly beaming with attractiveness.

he mighht have lied from start to finish, tho the things he said in answer to my questions seemed remarkably frank (and again, accourded with early impressions i kept to myself).

at length sun, gradual drift toward diamond head. he showed me the inside tables in ward center, then the outles around the corner. he liked this spot because it was kind of hidden in plain sight. true - i've never quite noticed it before. i forgot to ask him if it was security guard free ... hell, if so, very very handy.

i tried and failed to let him talk as he would. nah, as ever, i interupped about every ten words with questions, speculation, rambling, praise, and cautious but heartfelt (yet truncated) advice.

he seemed to listen, expressed his liking for y friendship, said i was right several times, and putit out thati could hunt him up in the boat-ish area. i rambled in exhaustion about spontaneity and bwing exactly where i wanted to be and so on, dancing btwn wanti g to pin a time/place and being relieved that apparently we'd skip that and part friends with an intention to meet another day. i could do his portrait, or a bunch of portraits, etc.


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