ok, ipad doesnt do editing

i type like crap on ipad, so my first real post has typos. i see them, and i see ways to quicky improve the writing. but no: ipad doesn't edit. clicking the text just toggles back to the list of posts.

since its taken me years to start writing on here, i'm leaning toward just blazing thru for now, typos be damned. no one reads it anyway. i try not to let people know i even have a blog, mostly, because until tonite i couldn't decide what, if anything, to do with blogger.

i'm a creature of situations, tho, and it finally won out. here all nite, one room, janet and yo sort of arguing but wanting me to stay (tho yo prolly doesn't care either way), and after many hours and photos and portraits, i'd had my fill or art. they wanted to sleep so youtube was a sketchy option, and besides, the onlu outlet is across the room. i cant type while charging. i kicked around a bit on twitter, flickr, facebook. i wrote several paragraphs in "response" to a brief comment of patricio's. i posted a photo i took today, himeles guy sacked out on the chinatown sidewalk. no mat, just him straighton the gunky stone with his cap over his eyes.

i remembered how many, many homeless there are now in chinatown. people are sleeping or sitting or staring at nothing all up and down the street, both sides. in a ala park, singles, couple, etc, as i said, were everywhere.

there's a sort of tarp suburb smack outsude of the welfare building across from the park. a smart, kind, dying (she says but who knows) gal about my age is there on weekend. crazy, annoying little kimchee has a tarp hut. a few other folks, mostly local guys in gheir twenties and a girl or two, have tarp huts too. they're all attached at one side to the welfare office's chainlink fence that surrounds the building. at least one resident uses the toilet inside the building. worth money, toilet alone, since tiolets are extremely scarce here. even the park restroom is often locked.

worth money, and indeed money changes hands, tho i dont know the details. i do and dont understand it. one or more people pays someone to leave this tarp mini city alone (tho they have to keep it clean and if asked by a cop, move elsewhere for a day). but just who would tha t be, who can make it so the ebt intake workers, securitynguards, clerks, clients -- the whole shebang -- just ignores the tarps and lets them be.

i think its great. i disagree that any person born on this planet must pay someother person also born on this planet just to e on a piece of the planet. people can say they "own" the earth. so what? it was here already, with food and water and all kinds of goodies. all free. none of these so-called owners of this and that patch of planet built the earth. they didn't work to make it, it didn't cost them money. if it did cost, no one could live here. everyone's born broke. their parents might have temporary possession of paper or shells or whaever is traded for the free stuff already here, food and wood and water.

people went on to make all kinds of things, some magical (hey ipad, i'm lookin at...my next mac), some hellish. art, poison, tools, fashoin, things with wheels, things to make heat rain warmth musical things weapons spears slums knick nacks medicines utilities and a boatload of purely useless crap, made to sell and turn wheels and shift more and more patches of earth -- here already, all its bounty free to whoever is born here, unless they die or have no mouth or are dumb enough to let a few with weapons control them thru fear, or let their own odd human things like greed, envy, and love of judging and bitching lead them to create social straightjackets, artificial scarcities, armies, expectations.

expectations! so a bunch of humans born before i was decided to claim something not theirs, rope it off and keep it that way with weapons (aided, hugely, by the sheeplike tendencies of a lot of other people, born before me, at the same time, and no doubt after me. if we live tha long) ... well, they decided that "property" was now "theirs." no one could hunt there or farm there or walk on "their" section of earth (a planet already here, with all we need to live laying around, except some kinds of food and occasionally other goodies also grow on trees; ie, free lunch, the heritage of every single soul born on here) ....

well, well .... people dead so long before i got here it's like another universe, to me at least, these people decided that all other people should "work" and pay "rent." to live on their own planet! they declared parts of this thing, which they never made and only even use for awhile, "theirs." don't like it? fine, we have fooled some other people into giving up their time here to us, holding weapons and using them when we say. we tell them they're brave or loyal or, for those who don't buy that, we simply promise to share the stuff we take from the other people (by now, its more *keeping* than *taking,* unless its war) and share some with them. which i guess applealed to martian types and those who liked action, fighting, grabbing, and all that other crap.

china invaded tibet. despite the dalai lama's words, tibet didn't get up an army. they'd never had one. who needs an army when they have a natural fortress (free! no one ever put a dime or a second into building the himakayas, they were already there).

until just this minute, i always vaguely wished the monks had listened to DL and gunned up, because china came in and has been pounding the shit out of them in every way, ever since. i've just changed my mind. one, would a hasty army of monks have repelled the chinese? likely not. airplanes, wireless remote robots, nuclear bombs, sheer numbers of determined, driven (and half crazed) chinese would win.

second, they declined to fall for the army trap. theybchose to spend what time they had (pre-invasion) on chanting and eating and farming and teaching and delving into yogic and medicinal tomes and -- if the young monks from india who came to tashi choling are typical -- jumping and laughing and doing somersaults and random folics on the temple lawn each sunset, from pure youth and health and being hey! alive!

awesome, actually, in many respects. sad, the grinding and renting and starving and scattering and beating and all that other stuff invaders do. monks are becoming more militant, the ones born later, whonnever had what tibetans had since ever. ok. but humans do that. they keep pysing and taking and claiming what's already there as "theirs" and killing anyone who doesn't agree.

or now, we over here mostly just arrest them, tho people don't really like paying for "criminals" to be housed and fed and guarded, so really right now, all the humans born to people who didn't snatch and hold a bunch of earth as "theirs" and who are also old or nutz or in some way not able to spend another thing they got purely free (and may never have again) -- i mean time, of course, time alive in bodies -- these people are criticized as lazy. people say they're parasites.

as if we arent all parasites, eh? as if the people doing the snatchong and harping and arresting and harrassing had built this planet and then these freeloaders just showed up. no. no one has an obligation to use up the ost precious thing in existence -- thrie life -- doing exhausting, draining "work" for barely enough to eat on, just because other people want to keep being rich or get even richer. some rich people work, but all rich people work by choice.

many folks get bored sitting around doing nothing. creatures of the earth, they too give freely: they invent things, hunt for and find things, weave stories, create art music games, and do everything -- or did do -- just because. sure, some stuff they did to fix or escape a bad thing (cold, hunger, illness) but most stuff was done just because. and those who did it, got the results. maybe they shared the results, or people saw and copied. whaever.

no one, at first, demanded the right to make others their puppets, the right to the results of wha they did, the right to murder or jail or beat or scorn people who just wanted to live their lives on the planet they got born on.

right now, as henry george showed way back, using ireland as an example, it's getting absurd as it gets more people. more people here, but fewer and fewer who "own" land, and those who say they "own" it charge more and more, paynless and less, and if people work and work and still can't pay other people just to be on some part of the earth (already here! free lunch!), then people we "elect" to think and decide for us get all huffy.

bums! loafers! we don't want to see dirty people or hungry people when we go surfing! we don't want people who have nothing to ask for a dollar to -- gasp! -- drink beer! that's for us, who have homes and dont get harrassed. only.

i feel a bit lighter. back to words. sometimes.


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