i toy with getting an industrial design degree

when you make a purse, and you put little pockets in the lining, and one's for glasses: is it too much to ask that the pocket be deep enough to actually hold the glasses? apparently, unless your bags cost three digits minimum, it is.

when you make a bus stop in a world famous tourist area, in a spot many tourists will go, is it too much to ask that it shield the people waiting from the hot, hot sun? or if that's how it is, is it beyond the pale to instruct the bus drivers to stop for people waiting just a bit back from the actual bench, waiting in the shade, obviously for the bus sincethere's no other reason to stand there? or even -- maybe more random standing goes on than i know and drivers want to keep their schedule -- maybe just stopping when the persons in the shade, upon seeing the bus, surges forward and waves really big, like hailing a taxi -- maybe the driver could stop for just those? esp when it's earl yand the bus is the bus is like, the only thing on the road...


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