emo day

i was gonna get coffee, work on photos, take more, go home. but this aries lady sat across from me at statbucks. she asked about ipad. we talked mostof the day. why i don'tknow butiended up telling her about sinisa'ssuicide and someof what followed. it was the firsttime i've had a real talk about it. good in itself but /she understood/ things i wastelling her. no one ut anna (sinisa's sister) ever has, and that was different. i even cried a bit, and we exchanged contact info and i said i'd start coming to thehula lessons a couple evenings a week. it took me timetowinddown, so about 9 i texted that i'd stay overnite (but said monday. i was thinking of my appt). of cpurse, a couplehrs later i was much calmer and wanted to go home, but it was late. i don't wantto dizturb. so i just hung out till starbucks closed and kicked myself for lack of foresite. except forwheni wasa kid, i've never had to be let in and out. mostly ots ok ut sometimes things come up. i simply wasn't ready to head backtill past 11. i madeno plans for thenite, nordo i want to now. so cameover to the harbor. hopingbaron mightshow up and letmeuse his tent. its real quiet tho. a few people in the far corner but i cant really see them and don't want to go over. so....long nite i guess. i don't feel like seeing anyone much, baron's ok because he's mellow. plus i want to showhim the pics of him and get more tomorrow. sheesh. he's probably sleeping already. it took a surprisingly long time to walk here. i guess its farther than it looks. i could have stayed outside starbucks. tables, a few acquaintences. but this one guy was annoying, insistingi needed the "new dell operating system." he refused tohear dell makes pc's not operating systems and cut me off atthe mention of windows7. so i gotirritated and left. this is lovely but i'm sleepy.


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