can this road...

not sure i can do this. a bunch of stuff all at once, iffy weather and out of money and card and of course, no housing now. suddenly six appts for god knows what, my dr dies, im trying to protect my equipment and keep on with the iphoneography with nothing but the tools and whats starting to seem like futile, pigheaded perseverance.

what do i do thats so special? why fight it? this might be my last year on this earth. sick right now, cold too. and yeah, scared kinda. but no matter: stubborn as ever, even withnothing but a crazy friend or two. crazy as in: dont count on anyone because when they're delusional they're not really here.

preferable, even this, to freezing with no company at all on the mainland. and i have a buspass. for now. no food on the weekends tho. for now.


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